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Lillia has written one-act and full length musicals, collaborating with others or working alone. She also writes popular music.

Greta and the Empty Heart


Greta and the Empty Heart is a fantasy musical about the ability to lose your heart as a metaphor for depression. The serious but magically whimsical show also examines abusive family relationships and the independence it takes to be free from such a relationship.

Music, lyrics, and book by Lillia Woodbury. 

Empty Heart features a cast of 11 (2F, 2M, 1NB,  4-6 movers)


The Papillon Waltz

The Papillon Waltz is a 30-minute romantic comedy musical about magical mishaps and personified emotions. 


Music by Lillia Woodbury, Lyrics by Nia Harvey, Book by Kisakye Naiga

The Papillon Waltz features a cast of 4 (3F, 1M)


Pop and Solo Music

Lillia writes music for the pop and indie world. She is working on a solo album for Spotify. Here are some of her songs.

Standalone Musical Theatre Songs

Lillia has collaborated with dozens of lyricists and composers both at the Institute of American Musical Theatre and in her community. Here are a few songs.

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