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Greta and the Empty Heart

"Greta and the Empty Heart" is a fantasy musical by Lillia, about a sweet 16 year old Greta, struggling to get her heart back after it's been stolen by her emotionally abusive mother. With lots of fantastical elements, it's a fun and powerful story for all ages!

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“Why shouldn’t a work of fantasy be as truthful and profound about becoming an adult human being as the work of George Eliot or Jane Austen” 

-Philip Pullman

Explore the World of the Musical!

Click below to explore the world of Mulberry Town and all its magical elements!

Mulberry Town

Mulberry Town is full of magic and mischief and where our heroes call home. Greta has spent her whole life growing up here, finding herself and trying to survive living with her mother. It looks a lot like our world, with cell phones and libraries but also magic and phoenix birds.

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